Theatre, as a means of communicating message-driven content, was the first of many creative mediums that BCM introduced to its clients and their beneficiaries in the late 90’s.  After performing many rural theatre productions for audiences ranging in the thousands, BCM decided to focus less on audience numbers and perform for smaller groups to establish an environment that better fostered the sharing of ideas and values. 

Introducing Theatre for Development (TFD) in 1999, BCM now delves deeper into the issues that impact society, and also deeper into the lives of people.  TFD is a process whereby communities, village leadership and local government can interact together in creative, artistic and non-threatening role play that invariably produces community transformation. 

Many detrimental issues have been addressed regionally over the last two decades and mitigated at the performance level.

Issues Mitigated:

    • organizational conflict
  • societal conflict
  • land disputes
  • early marriage
  • dowry
  • maternal health
  • rural sanitation
  • drugs


  • helps solve social injustices
  • gives people a voice
  • introduces the change and invites the community to engage
  • offers a safe fun-loving environment where tangible solutions occur with every performance.